These beautiful grey brindling females are available. As of now (5-5-2024) they are coming up on 7 weeks old She exudes joy and environmental awareness which, in time, proves their value within a successful family setting. Photo is taken 5/2/24 and as of now these ladies are available for $2,800.00 each at companion pricing which covers first parvo vaccination, hip and elbow dysplasia, lyphoma,bone cancer, mtv, umbilical hernia, and if you desire to aquire breeding rights she will also come with hypothyroidism for 12 months providing you stick to a recommended diet. call 832-629-5533 



This photogenic male has a beautiful headpiece covered by the traditional tigrato black brindling coat. He exudes confidence and desires to be around owner. He is born 11/25/23 and is has just become available 5/5/2024 for $6500.00. 832-629-5533.