1. This Blue Boy named Mj with the Michael Jackson Movements accompanied by a excellent tail set is Available. Will make any family smile and feel safe.  He is $3,000.00 ( shipping price not included). He comes with free professional tail docked 1 year hip dysplasia genetic defect warranty. Contact: newwavecanecorso@gmail.com  or 832-629-5533 for more information. Date Became Available 3/20/24


This Black brindling female is available. She exudes joy and environmental awareness which, in time, proves her value within a successful family setting. Photo is taken 3/19/23 and as of now she is available for $2,500.00 at companion pricing. She is Defensive and comes fully parvo vaccinated. 


This photogenic male has a beautiful headpiece covered by a nearly all black double coat. He exudes confidence and desires to be around owner. He is born 11/25/23 and is available at companion pricing for $2,800.00. 832-629-5533.