Teamwork against Perceived Threat



Over at New Wave Cane Corso we feel that temperament is paramount and therefore deserves some explaining away. Temperament will determine whether you a beautiful dog with no function or a beautiful dog with function.

Before any further ado let’s define temperament.

TEMPERAMENT according to AKC is, “an individual’s natural predisposition to react in a certain way to a stimulus.” Although we know that through exposure and and behavior procedures animal behavior can be modified. But for the sake of the topic we want to stick to the concept of the individuals natural temperament/disposition.

The Cane Corso being a natural guardian breed, should possess certain natural qualities that makes it a candidate to watch over property and family. And as with all things there exists trade offs. Meaning that because a Traditional Bred Cane Corso is bred to be a natural guardian it will possess certain traits such as aloofness to strangers, a strong sense of responsibility, alertness, intelligence, and Loyalty.

Although some Cane Corso aficionados push for the breed to be a therapy/sighting breed it’s true nature is that of a legendary watch dog. Does that mean that there aren’t Cane Corsos that have not became a therapy/sighting dogs this simply means that the breed was rooted in being a catch and hold / guardian dog. Those breeds that have been selected for centuries to do the business of tracking, therapy, or even being a sight hound on the whole will excel in these areas greater than the Cane Corso.

Seeing that Therapy dogs temperament is of such nature to where it must see all people as a friend. Therefore this sort of temperament is not befitting to a guardian Cane Corso inherently notices strangers as a potential threat. For a long time people strayed away from the original Cane Corso due to it’s ability to become a very formidable foe to a potential threat to its’ property or its’ family but now due to breeder such as New Wave Cane Corso the traditional Cane Corso temperament is making a huge return to this beautiful legendary dog breed.