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  1. hi I’m interested in a black female puppy. I have three kids from 12 to 6yrs and a 2yr old female rott. I was hoping that you could keep me updated on your new litters. thank you for your time. Blaine

  2. Hey thanks Blaine if you are interested in getting on the list we have two list one where there’s no deposit, in which you select what gender you are looking for then one where you place a deposit to pick ahead of those that do not place a deposit to select from a male or a female!

  3. I met Sedrick on the weekend and I was not expecting a man with so much knowledge over the Cane Corso breed. He also showed me how much his dogs meant to him and the amount of time he put into the bloodlines is admirable. At that moment, I decided that I wanted to have one of my own and specifically from New Wave Ermias and Outlaw Star. All of his dogs are spectacular and well around beautiful dogs. The perfect definition of a dog man and his pack. Worth every penny.

  4. I was really impressed by Cedric knowledge and passionate about this breed. He was kind and friendly and Really puts a lot of time in effort into his dogs I just put a deposit down and in 6 weeks I get to welcome my big baby into our family. Thanks so much

  5. I purchased a cane corso from a friend and struggled to find someone to crop his ears in my area. I reached out to sedrick and he happily told me he could do it. The crop he did is amazing, 10/10 highly recommend him if you’re in a similar situation!

  6. I am so grateful to Sedrick, for taking out time on two days to educate me on the Cane Corso Breed. He’s very knowledgeable and thorough. He answered all of my questions and calmed my fears. Today, I put my deposit down for my future companion. I’m so excited!!! I retired in December, after working 34 years for the school district. Part of my retirement plans was to get a dog.

  7. Thanks and I appreciate you for taking time out to explain to me your true love for K9’s. I’m extremely impressed.

  8. I truly thank you Mr.Santiago for taking time out of your very busy schedule to visit me and I’m glad you actually you decided to join the New Wave Family!

  9. Hey please check back with site in before 8/4/2020 for I have two litters that should have what you are looking for!

  10. Trip from Dallas to Crosby,Tx to buy my puppy. Very happy with the decision to go to New Wave Cane Corso. It is A dog with a good temperament and sociable with children. Today was his first appointment with the vet and he does not have any physical or health problems, or parasites. His ears are cropped. The vet confirmed that the ears were well done. He had no infection. The service with New Wave Cane Corso is excellent, I recommend it 100%.

  11. Just left the vet…with a new wave pup. Vet said she hasn’t seen a fecal exam this clean in years. A lot of people talk breeding. New wave defines breeding at the highest level. My pup has traits that aren’t trainable due to the breeding process. Much respect to the breeder and breeding process of this planned litter. She is a pure protector of my family. Even on the first day she was not having any flaws. Ran the vacuum,Rattled cans in a bag, and everything else you can think of to distract her. She remained solid. The lock on the bite is unheard of at 11 weeks. Never seen anything like this with a pup. PHENOMENAL…
    I’ve been stomping these Houston streets all my life. This Dog is realer than these streets…..pure love and protection. Thanks for relieving me of my anxiety and stress ……1000%

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