Why did we create this page? A) We wanted to enlighten you to why we chose love each of our dogs and for what reason. Each breeding we do we aim to improve a certain trait of the dog that will ultimately lead to not only a much healthier Corso but a sound Corso capable of handling the very serious Task of being a Natural Guardian.

Interesting Fact 1

Tnt Blitz one of our 135-145 lb big boned bone 🍖 Crushing working males Inherited a lot of his color/working temperament genetics from a great great grandfather named Stone Crofts Timber, the son of Two Italian imports, who was only 110 lbs.  At 110 lbs Stone Croft Timber was a well accomplished Corso.
Below is some Interesting facts you might want to Know!

 StoneCroft’s Timber

 He is the son of Rocky and Medea, both black brindle, Italian Imports. Timber was born in 2000 and is 110 lbs at 3 years old. He is 26″ at the shoulder.   He is certified free of hip and  elbow dysplasia.  His heart is certified normal.    He loves to do agility work and will climb nearly anything.  He is very friendly and loves to be petted..
He is titled with:
TT (temperament test)
CGC (canine good citizen)
WB1 (wild boar catch)
CAL 1 (tests willingness to defend handler)
T.A.N. (similiar to CGC)