What is a puppy package?

A) It’s a package containing very essential items to go home with your new wave puppy to help ensure that your puppy reaches it’s maximum potential. The puppy package contains all of the following:

1) one antibiotic for skin, kennel cough, respiratory and other issues.

2) 12 months of whip/round worming medicine

3) 2 seasons worth of hook worming, and taenia pisiformis tape worm medicine

4) A 4 oz miconazole anti fungal spray (works like a charm)

5)a 12 oz miconazole anti fungal shampoo

6) 3 Tubes of Dvn

7) Antibiotic for giardia and other gastrointestinal issues

What does it cost?

1)$500 USD

How do i use it?

1) upon purchasing it you will recieve instruction with items!

New Wave Oya

New Wave Oya